<>“First let me say we had THE BEST time in Disney! There were tears from children and adults alike as we left. The family time together and memories made will forever be some of my most favorite EVER. All five of us had so much fun it was incredible. I have you and your staff to thank for all of this!! I didn't know where to begin with planning a Disney vacation even though I have been there twice before. You were so helpful every single step of the way! You answered all my questions and more importantly knew all the questions to ask me so you could plan the best trip possible. All of the clue ins were helpful, I felt prepared even with what to pack from all the information you shared. And while at the parks I didn't have to think, wonder or question our next move. We never waited for longer than 10 minutes for a ride! We felt like we had a secret code that unlocked Disney and made things easier for our family. Everything flowed smoothly and we enjoyed way more as a result! All of the recommendations from our resort to dining and shows were absolutely spot on. We don't feel like we missed a single thing and there was even time in the schedule that allowed us to ride our favorite rides a few times and have precious down time at the resort pool. It was truly perfect! I have and will continue to recommend Help Around The Mouse to any and everyone I speak to! My husband said it best as he held the tour plan- "I need one of these for every day of my life." Thank you for everything! We appreciate all your hard work to give us such a fabulous vacation!!!" - The Powells (Pennsylvania)

“My trip at Disney was wonderfully organized. With a perfect combination of rides, shows, and meals at various parks, I felt as if I got to see it all. And somehow I don't remember waiting around for a dinner table, or standing in long lines to enjoy the newest rides. I specifically remember walking right past an incredibly long line of impatient people waiting for Soarin, and I jumped right on the ride within five minutes. ...Knowing where exactly I should sit to view the shows and entertainment, made everything easier. I didn't have to wonder if I would have a good enough view. Working with Help Around The Mouse for my itinerary made a place as energetic and busy as Disney still feel like a vacation.” – J.Cassidy (Buffalo, NY)

<> “We just got home from Disney last night and we want to thank you so much for helping to make our trip so amazing!!! The tour plans you put together were incredible! We truly didn't "get it" till we got there and began to experience Disney. Your email was absolutely right. As first time Disneyers, because of your help, we really were better informed than most of the people there. As a result, we were able to pack in so much excitement and fun everyday and still have time to relax and enjoy. We would whole-heartedly recommend your services to anyone planning a Disney Vacation. Thank you again for everything. It would not have been the same without you.” – The Almskogs (New York)

“I meant to email earlier. I want to thank you for all the help! Our family was so impressed with the plans. I couldn't believe all the things we were able to do in the amount of time we had, especially the first day in magic kingdom when we rode 7 rides in the span of 2 hours! We really didn't have to wait in any lines. We loved everything we did and even had extra time during the day or enough energy at the end of a few days to do extra things not on the list. The best part was not feeling stressed. Having the plans make me feel like a pro and gave me peace of mind. I never was worried! It was so wonderful to have eating plans in smart locations laid out with (smart use of) fast passes reserved! My parents didn't buy in at first. On the first day in the morning dad kept asking, don't we have a fast pass for this?? I had to keep telling him no, trust me, we didn't need them. He was a believer when he saw we weren't waiting in lines ride after ride. With the insider tips and suggestion sheets in packet, the plans were easy to adapt, as one day test track shut down and we had to go back later. Also the accommodations you recommended were absolutely perfect too! I'm still so impressed and give you credit for making this a perfect visit. I'm so glad our friends recommended help around the mouse, and we have been telling all our friends not to go without getting your help. This was a truly magical trip for us. Our only problem is that we can't wait to go back! We will be getting back in touch in the next year or two!! Thank you again!” – Carrie

<> “When I first thought about planning our Disney vacation, I was nervous and anxious. I didn't know where to begin and how to sift through the mountains of options. Once you took the reigns, I felt so much more relaxed. Being our first visit with our children, I wanted to do what was a "must do" and not worry about the other stuff. You did that for us!!” – Mary (Illinois)

“Karina and I wanted to thank you for your great planning! We stuck to the plan and at no point did we wait in line for more than 10 minutes, and some lines were 75 - 85 minutes long (at this is supposed to be the slow season, can't imagine the lines during the peak season don't think we could ever handle that!). The fast passes, reservations for lunch and dinners, and the times to be where and when were fantastic! The only thing that did not work out to plan was our friday night Mickey's not so scary Halloween but that was mainly because it rained and things were delayed and kids got grumpy so we left early which was fine for all of us! We will write a review on our facebook page soon but just wanted to say thank you for your planning it definitely made our first trip to disney a much more pleasurable one for all of us :-) It was worth every penny and we will totally recommend you!” – Steve, (Pa)

<>“I just needed a few days before I was able to reach out to you. First and foremost THANK YOU very much for creating an awesome vacation plan for me and my family! I can't tell you how perfectly everything was planned for us. We were able to go on every attraction, sometimes twice, with minimal waiting if any. We followed your plan 99% (one night we couldn't make it back out in the evening). All of your suggestions from the best route to take for the first rides to the dining places that you recommended, to where to stand while waiting to get on a ride (under the girl with the pink parasol- Haunted Mansion). We actually had fun waiting to see how your next 'Tip' would work, like walking with purpose then there was a time we needed to walk with extreme purpose, all of which was very necessary! Both my wife and I loved the fact that our days were planned ahead, eliminated any bickering about where to go and when. We took full advantage of the break times at the hotel with 2 hour naps, also very necessary. We also tried out some other suggestions like the M&M tube to put the quarters and pennies in, that worked great, the explanations of the dining meals helped a lot. Let me know if you have question about how things worked out for us there. We can't wait for our next trip and to be able to use Help Around the Mouse again!!!” – Mike, (NY)

“Dear Help! Just back from an amazing week. I can't thank you enough for all you did to help make this the most wonderful and memorable vacation experience for my family. I don't think my girls have stopped smiling yet.” – S.Murphy (Mass)

<>“...We just wanted to tell you how much your assistance with planning our adventures at Disney World really helped. Since it was our first time there with the kids, we were a little overwhelmed with all the travel planning, logistics, car rental, etc., that we never really had thought about organizing our time at Disney. Your experience and knowledge of the Disney complexes, helped us optimize our time so we weren't wasting time trying to figure out where to go, what to see and when to see it. Since we only had 4 days, we knew if we didn't have some help from someone that knows Disney a lot of our time was going to be wasted just trying to understand everything. The pocket guide and daily itinerary that you set up for us, provided us with excellent guidance and recommendations for our daily adventures. Also the way you planned each day helped us get the most out of the 4 parks we visited. Although we didn't stick to it exactly, the portions that we did stick to went exactly as you had planned. It taught us how to best use the Fast Passes and when to be at each certain things to get the best viewing or seating. I would definitely use your services again. We plan on returning next year when our youngest will be big enough to ride all the rides. So we will need you to revamp our itinerary with that in mind... I think we can skip the Tea Cups this time - my head and stomach are still spinning!” – The Lyle Family

“Being senior citizens, we were concerned about long lines and large crowds. But the itinerary you laid out for us enabled us to avoid the lines and we were able to move throughout all the parks with ease. The efficient use of the "easy passes" and the directing us to key places in the park and when special events were taking place made our trip to Disney a memorable one.” – Tom & Shirley (New York)

<>“Dear Help Around the Mouse: Thank you so much for your help in planning our family vacation to Disney. We had an exceptional time and this was mainly due to the pre planning you did for us. It was a relaxing and delightful time, and we were able to focus on having fun with our family instead of stressing over details. Thanks Again!” – The Kings (North Carolina)

“I had several people looking over my shoulder in lines at my pocket guide and remarking how "organized" I was and commenting that I must be a professional Disney visitor. I clarified quickly that I was a newbie and then gave a shout out to Help Around the Mouse!” – Anonymous

<>“Your service optimized our limited time at WDW. The custom itinerary was well organized and thought out. We thought we were Disney experts having vacationed at the World several times. But you showed us these "Old Dogs" some new tricks!” – Rich & Corrine (Maryland)

“I am on FB! And I just gave a friend of mine your information. She probably won't call until next year, but she for sure wants to use you after my rave reviews. I am spreading the word!” – Valerie (Canada)

<>“It was perfect. At first I was concerned by how tight the schedule seemed but it really allowed for a lot of wiggle room for character meet and greets, some shopping, snack time and in just some wandering and impromptu parade encounters too!” – Nina (New Jersey)

“Judy rocks! A couple times we tried to deviate from the plans a bit and we soon realized why it wouldn’t work out overall. My husband and I were amazed how well the plans worked. We didn't have to wait more than 10 min for any ride. Great insider tips on things such as fast passes and how to effectively use them, faster way to enter parks, info about where to request to stay on out resort, and much more. Disney was an wonderful experience for my family and it was largely due to Help Around the Mouse.” – Heather J. (Belgium)

<>“thank you for a wonderful job! your guides were so helpful and really helped to give us the guidance and direction we needed. you gave us a ton of helpful information in a very useful form. we would def recommend you to others.” – Veronica (Pennsylvania)

“ folks and I had gone to Disney world several times when I was a kid. We didn’t see a fraction of Disney that we got to see on this trip. We all had a fantastic trip. I have been talking your services up to everyone I have told about the trip. The plan made Disney! If you would like to send me some more business cards I will certainly pass them out. I know my folks took one of your cards back to Vermont to give to one of their friends that is planning on going later this winter. Thanks for your hard work. Our Disney trip was fantastic! Ginger and the kids are already asking when we can go back….maybe next fall! Being there for the holiday lights was very magical!” – Jeff B. (Texas)

<>“We had a wonderful time in Disney and cannot thank you enough for your spot on planning. It all went so smooth for us! Thank you again for helping make our experience so smooth and filled with wonderful memories!” – Kate K. (Great Britian)

“Dear Help, Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on planning our disney vacation. I could go on and on and on! I already referred your planning service to a coworker thats going in oct. with their autistic child. And was afraid about long wait times, I told her you need to call Judy@help around the mouse! If you need me to help you convince someone about using your service send them to me! Disney is not cheap so it's imperative that you do it with a plan!!! Thanks for making our disney vacation magical and so very much memorable!!!! A disney vacation I will never never forget!” – Doug P. (New York)

“Dear Help, I speak of you often these days, to everyone I tell our Disney experience to--- Thank you! Thank you for planning our best trip ever!! You made our Walt Disney World vacation magically easy! We felt we had a personal guide every step of the way. Your "clues" really helped us on a rainy day...We were all set with ponchos, double stroller rain cover and a small towel. Every penny press, we had the shiny quarters and pennies ready to go. We felt the best tip, was for Epcot illuminations. We loved "touring" the Disney beach club resort and walking into the show. The valet parking was simply the best advice. We calmly walked out of Epcot, without the crowd, and had our car delivered to us. Pure bliss! I can keep going, but I'm late getting my little one to school!! Truly, thank you! We have 3 friends looking to go to Disney soon & I have advised them that they MUST contact you. Truly, the itineraries were just life saving and super time efficient!! Thank you!!!!!!! Kindest regards,” – Suzanne, (NY)

<>“Thank you so much for planning our Disney itinerary and tour plan. I cannot put into words what a difference maker it was. We spent 4 days at the parks over a very crowded fall break and didn't wait in line more than 15 minutes the entire trip. And we did every ride we wanted! The best ones more than once. I was actually stunned at just how big a difference your service made. I will never do Disney without Help Around the Mouse! And I am already telling all my friends the same. Thank you thank you thank you! Customer for life,” – Eric, (Louisville,Ky)

“Everything went very smoothly, I would recommend using your service! I felt much more sure of myself when I arrived than I would have if I just went on my own first trip.” – Chris A. (Tennessee)

“Just to say thanks for the plans- they were awesome. We didn't line up for anything! Made our vacation much better and we felt smug watching others stand in long hot lines! Regards -” – Victoria and Alex and families- Ontario Canada